Undertaker's Bio

Monday, August 30, 2010

Real Name: Mark Callaway
Nickname: The Undertaker, Master Of Pain
Birthday: 03/24/65
Wrestling Debut: 1989
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 320 lbs
Signature Moves: The Last Ride, Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver.

Championships: 4x WWE World Champion


Mark Callaway begins to make wrestling in 1985 the age of 22 years, its main objective to beginning career was that one to scrape together some money in the independent federations convinced that a day would have arrived its moment. In 1986 it works for the Memphis Promotion, that is the USWA (United States Wrestling Association), its insertion in the federation was work of Jerry Lawler (then Co-owner of the USWA); in short Mark time, than it was made to call "The Master of Pain", arrived to the top of the federation, a lot that succeeded to gain the USWA Unified World Title defeating Jerry Lawler. Once lost the title it Mark is moved in the texana fraction of the USWA, where it assumes the identity of Texas Red, but little time after will exchange again it in The Punisher; Mark conquest the USWA Texas Title confirming itself newly like a good talent, also this time but its hard reign little seen the defeat against Kerry Von Erich, but although this in 1989 arrived the first offer from the NWA/WCW. Its debut, like "Mean" Mark Callous, in the federation happens to the end of the year, and after little weeks it went in brace with Dan Spivey, forming therefore the Skyscrapers until then forms from Spivey and Sid (in that period injured person to you). The brace however did not have much happened as it could have waited for, a lot that Mark determined to undertake the career from single where it obtained succeeded more. Guided from manager the Teddy Long (hour arbitrator of the WWE) it faces Lex Luger in a match valid for the US Title in the PPV Great American Bash 90, but it comes defeated. The WCW decides not re-new the contract in expiration of little, and therefore Mark marries to the WWE where McMahon Wins had in Serb for he great plans. The debut in the WWE, like The Undertaker, happens in the PPV Survivor Series of 1990, accompanied from manager the Brother Love: Mark was the mysterious member of the Million Dollar Team, and the public remained endured made an impression from its tonnage and also from its way to move extremely slow. In the encounter it eliminated with facility Koko B.Ware and Dusty Rhodes, before being eliminated same he for cont-out, but at this point was not spoken that about this new and terrifying one wrestler that with its gimmick it would have changed in order always the world of the wrestling. In the Royal Rumble of 1991 it comes eliminated from Hawk and Animal, but just in these first months of the 91 it happens before carried out of its career: Brother Love yields the contract of the Undertaker to a new one manager, Paul Bearer, sure more adapted to the personage of the Undertaker of how much was not Brother Love. This diabolic pair destroys in little months many adversaries: Tugboat, Big Boss Man, Jimmy Snuka (to Wrestlemania WAYS) and Jim Duggan. Although Undertaker is heel worst a public seems but fascinated from its personage, much from often of the income in the arena. Bearer while begins to carry with if a urn, which is the source of energy of pecks. In the following months Undertaker it begins a feud with Completed Warrior, and the two will be protagonists of one historical television segment in which Undertaker coffin seals Warrior to the inside of one. It comes announced a match between the two to Summerslam 91, but little weeks before the event the WWE changes idea and binds Completed Warrior in a feud against Sgt. Slaughter in brace with Hogan. Warrior and Undertaker dispute encounter single in house show (the only one match between the two are present in compilation of the Coliseum a Video), but it is nearly always Warrior to gain the "Bodybag Match" (where the defeated one only came closed in a black bag) that they come disputed, even if in the greater part of the cases for disqualification. After this feud with Completed Warrior begins for Undertaker a short one feud with Sid (that it will defeat in the edition of King of the Ring of the 91), then passes to lay a trap the title it of champion of the world stopped from the champion Hulk Hogan then. The two will be faced in the so-called "Gravest Challenge" of Survivor Series 91, and to dull it is glamorously just Undertaker with the aid of Ric Flair. After a week but it comes granted a rematch to Hulk Hogan in the PPV This Tuesday in Texas, and this time is Hogan that later on adjudicates match to one the night. The president of the WWE Jack Tunney assists to the episode and decides to render the belt vacant, replacing it in racing silk in the Royal Rumble 92. To Undertaker and Hogan it comes granted the opportunity to obtain a number of advanced income to the 20, but this is not sufficient in order to prevent to Ric Flair to adjudicate the title it of the world after one extraordinary performance.

In its first year to the WWE Undertaker however it had given the impression to be the champion of the future, also because it is Hogan that Piper from them little would have left the federation, and it is also for this reason that the determined WWF to change the image of Undertaker, making to become face. During an episode of Saturday Night Main Event Undertaker Elizabeth saves and Macho Man from a aggression to work of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, then turns completely to face in one aimed of Wrestling Superstars in which it meets with Jake Roberts (than for all answer it coffin closes the hand in one after to have attacked Paul Bearer). The two are faced then to Wrestlemania VIII, and Undertaker is gotten rid of Jake Roberts after to be exited incolume from one double DDT.

After this passage to feud Undertaker it begins some feud little interesting with of the wrestlers not to its height. It is gotten rid of The Berzeker after that these had tried "to kill it" with a sword, then it begins a feud with Kamala with which it will fight to Summerslam 92 (to only remember its fantastic entrance to edge of a funeral machine) and to Survivor Series 92 in a Coffin Match (encounter in which the defeated one it came closed and sealed in one coffin). After Survivor Series it begins the short one feud with the Nailz prisoner, then during the Royal Rumble 93 comes attacked and eliminated from the Giant Gonza'les, a wrestler gigantic guided from that Harvey Wippleman that wanted to be revenged for the end that Undertaker had made to make its assisted Kamala. Undertaker and Giant Gonza'les face to Wrestlemania IX (large the entrance of the Undertaker on an accompanied funeral wagon from a volture) in an ugly encounter, and to dull it for disqualification it is just the Undertaker. King of the Ring 93 Giant Gonza'les, with the aid of Mr. Hughes, the urn of ashes puts KO Paul Bearer rubandogli also, what that it will prevent to the Undertaker to participate to the first television edition of King of the Ring. The feud between the two however it did not finish here, and in fact Undertaker and Giant Gonza'les face to Summerslam 93 in a Rest in Peace Match (a normal school Not Holds Barred Match) in which Undertaker it succeeds to defeat Giant definitively Gonza'les thanks also to the re-entering aid of Paul Bearer.

In the PPV Survivor Series 93 it fights in the USA Team composed from the Steiners Brothers and Lex Luger, beginning to give life to the feud against Yokozuna that Undertaker will face in a Casket Match with in racing silk the title it of the world in the PPV Royal Rumble 94. In this moving Undertaker encounter comes defeated from Yokozuna with the aid of others 10 wrestlers, ending closed to the inside of its same coffin. >From this Undertaker moment it will remain outside from the scene various months in order to recover from some accidents and in order to pass of the time with the family. In the summer of the 1994 Ted DiBiase annucia the return of Undertaker in the WWE, but the wrestler that DiBiase accompanies in the ring is not the true Undertaker but a its counterpart, wrestler the Brian Lee. Some weeks after this announcement Paul Bearer, with one new urn, declares to have found again the true Undertaker and that this last one would have defied the Undertaker di DiBiase during SummerSlam. The match of Summerslam between the Undertaker he was mediocre, and the public did not seem a lot been involved from the particular one contest. To adjudicate the match it was the true Undertaker after a double one tombstone that the Undertaker DiBiase put KO. After this Undertaker encounter one rivincita is taken on Yokozuna defeating it in a Casket Match to Survivor Series 94, thanks to the aid of Chuck Norris in the garments of Special Enforcer.

Undertaker begins therefore a feud against the Corporation Ted DiBiase, and defeats in succession IRS in the Royal Rumble 95, King Kong Bundy to Wrestlemania XI in order then to meet to King of the Ring 95 against Mabel, exiting defeated from the comparison for the interference of an other member of the Corporation, Kama. Undertaker defeats Kama in a Casket Match disputed to Summerslam 95, but little after she remains victim of a brutal attack from part of Mabel and Yokozuna during an episode of Monday Night Raw: the two colossus in fact importuning seriously Undertaker to the face, forcing it to disappear from the circulation for various time. Undertaker will succeed to only return during Survivor Series 95, where it will fight with one mask in order to cover the ace disfigured from the previous accident. In In Your House 5 Undertaker it succeeds to be revenged of Mabel defeating it in a Casket Match, and above all it succeeds in overcoming of the urn of the ashes that in the previous months it had been stolen and transformed in one chain from the Corporation.

After this mediocre one feud with the Corporation, the career of the Undertaker has carrying out in the PPV Royal Rumble 96 when it comes name number one contender. It faces the champion of the world Bret Hart in match terrifying (in sense a negative) where he comes unmasked for before the time after various months: Undertaker only obtains a Victoria but for DQ due to the participation of Diesel engine, and this will give the way to an interesting feud between the two. To In Your House 6 Undertaker it interferes in the Cage Match between Bret Hart and Diesel sbucando gives under the ring and attacking this last one. The mind games from part of Undertaker to the damages of Diesel engine they continue in the following weeks, and this will carry to the attended encounter between the two to Wrestlemania XII. To having the better one is Undertaker after a good ones match, but for Undertaker this challenge is nothing in comparison to that it attends it in the successive weeks.
Kane, a feud in which initially Undertaker one refused to fight against its brother, but the facts of the Royal Rumble 98 made to change idea it: to the end of the Casket Match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels Kane took part newly that with a Chokeslam put KO its brother, the sluices in the coffin and it gave fire to it.

Undertaker after some weeks of absence returned in the WWE, this decided time to defy Kane in a match that it would have been disputed to Wrestlemania 14. 3 tombstone to the Undertaker were necessary (author of a splendid entrance in order to put KO Kane, but to the fine ones in spite of the Kane defeat Undertaker was raised and attacked once again. The two were faced newly to Unforgiven in a Match Hell, a match fought on a ring encircled from the flames in which in order winning it was necessary to give fire to the adversary, and to dull it it was once again Undertaker with the aid of Vader.

After a pause in the PPV Over The Edge 98 (in which Undertaker it will be limited to the role of Special Enforcer in the match between Austin and Dude Love), Undertaker demands one title shot to the title it of the world stopped from Steve Austin. For all answer McMahon ago Wins to dispute to Raw a match between Kane and Undertaker with in racing silk a title shot in the PPV King of the Ring, and to exit winning this time it is Kane with the aid of Mankind. The feud between Undertaker and Mankind it comes therefore withdrawn outside, but this time will come caught up summits of violence never touched previously. To King of the Ring 98 the two are faced in a Hell in to Cell: Undertaker fights with one broken off ankle, but this enough not to arrest its silks of vendetta. Mankind comes over for two times from the roof of the cage, then ends on migliaia of heads some from design before soccombere to the tombstone of entered Undertaker in a match in the history of the wrestling.

Finally Undertaker becomes number one contender in a match against Austin that will come disputed to Summerslam, but before Gains McMahon orders to Undertaker to fight to Fully Loaded a match in brace with Austin against the champions of brace Mankind and Kane. Undertaker conquest for before turns the belts of champion of the world, but its reign in brace with Austin will last very little. The two will fight therefore the most waited for one match to Summerslam 98, a good ones match to remember in annals in order to have seen the Undertaker to lose in clean way for before the time in career.

Undertaker in the meantime with its Kane brother, and the two participate in the PPV Triple Breakdown to a Threat Match against Steve Austin: both schienano at the same time Austin, and the title it comes rendered vacant. In the successive PPV, Judgment Day, Undertaker and Kane are faced in match with the racing silk a title vacant it, but special referee the Steve Austin puts KO both siblings, and the belt comes newly rendered vacant.

McMahon then wins determined to put in racing silk the belt in a Toronto. It is Kane that Undertaker participates to the a new world-wide champion, than dispute in the course of Survivor Series 1998. The two "siblings" meet themselves in the quarters of end, after to have received a bye to the first turn, in how much both came consider you first challengers it to the title, and Undertaker succeeds to strike Kane thanks to the decisive aid of Paul Bearer. In the semi ends, but, the way of Undertaker towards the firm title it: the wrestler it comes defeated from The Rock for disqualification, because of an interference of Kane, that it had just the objective to make to eliminate from the Undertaker.

Undertaker then begins a feud with Steve Austin, Between the two a Buried Alive match to IYH Rock Bottom is carried out, and Undertaker loses it for a decisive participation of its Kane brother. After which Undertaker to compare from the WWE for some weeks, in order to resume itself from some accidents and for giving time to the bookers of the federation to rethink its personage, by now worn away from the time. To the beginning of the 1999 Undertaker it returns to the WWE, to head of the stable of the "Ministry of Darkness", rising of satanic schism, of which they make part Paul Bearer, Dennis "Mideon" Knight, "The Acolytes" Faarooq and Bradshaw. In little time they enter in stable also the Mabel (renamed Viscera after to have been kidnapped in the course of the Royal Rumble the 99) and members of the Brood, Gangrel, Edge and Christian. Undertaker tries to make to enter in stable also the Big Bossman, but it does not succeed to you: between the two a Hell in to Cell Match in the course of WrestleMania XV is carried out. The match it is truly ugly, but Undertaker succeeds to prevail and to carry to house the Victoria, hanging quite Bossman in the end thanks to the aid of the Brood.

Spring 1999 sees the Ministry of Darkness (deprives hour of the Brood that was removes to you in order to protest against the ill-treatments that Undertaker reserves to Christian) in one phase a lot important: Undertaker strikes Ken Shamrock, and to fine PPV raise Stephanie McMahon. The day after to Raw is War Undertaker celebrates a black wedding with Stephanie McMahon, but just in the crucial moment Austin takes part to save Stephanie. Undertaker is said guided from the Greater Power, mysterious personage of which the identity is ignored. Subsequently the Ministry of Darkness comes fused with Vince McMahon' s Corporation and takes the name of Corporate Ministry. Undertaker succeeds to conquer the WWE title thanks to the aid of Shane McMahon, against Steve Austin to Over the Edge ' 99, in a surrealistic atmosphere due to the dead women of Owen only happened Hart three quarters of hour before.

To the shoulders of Undertaker there are Shane and Vince McMahon, the mind of the stable that it is revealed to be the mysterious "Greater Power", that is behind the strategies of the stable. Undertaker succeeds to maintain to its title it to King of the Ring striking The Rock, but it loses it the successive night Raw just against Steve Austin. To Fully Loaded 1999 the "End is carried out of an was "match, than it is proposed to close the feud between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon that is lasted two years: Austin and Undertaker are met in a first blood match won from Austin, and thanks to the special stipulations of match Vince McMahon must leave the federation. Little after, Shane McMahon melts the Corporate Ministry.

Subsequently Undertaker forms an alliance with The Big Show and begins a feud against Kane and X-Pac, in which Taker and Big Show gain the titles them of brace to Summer Slam 1999. They must but abandon the titles soon them to advantage of the Rock' n Sock Connection, Shortly before Unforgiven 1999 The Undertaker abandons the WWE when McMahon Wins communicates to it that, if had not taken part to a Casket Match against Triple H, it would have been suspended from the WWE to indeterminate time.

In Undertaker truth long solid career has need of a period of rest in order to cure the too many physical ailments of one by now to fight on the ring of the WWE: victim of a muscular tear to the inguine, of a problem to the hip that ahead went from much time (guilt of a Chokeslam of Big Show that it made it to smash in the ring) and of several accidents it accumulates to you in the course of the time was obvious as Undertaker made much hard work to fight.

The return to the wrestling active happens many months after, in May 2000, the course of Judgment Day. Undertaker abandons the gimmick of "pecks", adopting of one new from "biker", accompanied to the ring from one theme song of Kid Rock, "American Badass". In that Undertaker occasion it takes part in aid of The Rock in the course of the Iron Man Match that saw it opposite to H. However its participation Triple H costs the disqualification of The Rock in the point of the match and also the title absolute it for the wrestler of Florida. To King of the Ring 2000 Undertaker fight with Kane and The Rock against Wins, Shane McMahon and HHH in a match with in racing silk the title it of the world. Its team gains the match, but the belt would have gone to the author of the pin, for which new champion of the world it comes announced The Rock. To Fully Loaded it strikes Kurt Angle in the first one single match of a sure relief from its return, while to Summer Slam 2000 it faces of new its Kane brother (than it had attacked two weeks before to Raw): Undertaker tears via to the mask of Kane (of which but it is not succeeded to see the approval) and the match it finishes with Not a Contest. In a Fatal Four Way to Unforgiven against Kane, The Rock and Chris Benoit it does not succeed to win, and same fate touches to it to Survivor Series (PPV that has marked its ten years of career in the WWE) when, facing Kurt Angle for the title it of the world, it comes defeated with one stratagem of Angle (in the topical moment of match the Angle is made to replace on ring from its brother Eric in order then to a Taker distracted with a simple one rollup). To Armageddon a Hell in to Cell in which Undertaker is carried out it faces, always with the title it WWE in racing silk, Austin, Rock, Angle, Rikishi and HHH, but also this other onslaught to the title it is unfruitful. Undertaker succeeds but to leave a sign in the encounter when with one Chokeslam ago to fall Rikishi from the roof of the cage.
Undertaker gathers to its Kane brother during the Royal Rumble 2001 (but it will come eliminated from Rikishi), and thanks to this new pact it goes close to the conquest of tag the teams titles, lost for a breath Not Way Out in table match against the Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian.

Endured after, Undertaker begins a feud against Triple H, than in the course of an interview it had asserted to have battered all the WWE had been able offload. Undertaker never replied asserting not to have been struck from Triple H, and therefore it was arrived to the match of Wrestlemania X-7. Was one of the match, match of the year, and Undertaker succeeded to obtain clamorous a Victoria that it carried its roster of March of Wrestlemania to 9 victories and 0 defeats.

In the successive weeks to Wrestlemania Undertaker it makes of new brace with Kane, and the "Brothers of Destruction" conquers the tag titles against Edge & Christian in order then to focus the attention to a feud against the new alliance of the WWE, the "Power Trip", composed from HHH, Stone Cold and Vince McMahon. Undertaker and Kane forgiveness their titles them to More recently the Undertaker has been working on a new gimmick, he has also been feuding with new sensation “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar, which has just ended with Brock Lesnar beating The Undertaker in “Hell In A Cell” at No Mercy 2002. Undertaker is currently taking time out to spend time with his pregnant wife, Sara.