Lex Luger's Bio

Monday, August 30, 2010

Real Name: Larry Pfohl
Alias: The Narcissicist, The Total Package, The All American
Wrestling Debut: October, 1986
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 265 lbs
Finishing Move: Torture Rack
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthday: 06/06/58
Career Highlights: NWA/WCW U.S. Champion (5), WCW World Champion (2), WCW TV champion (2), WCW Tag Team Champion 

After playing football at the University of Miami, Florida, and for several pro teams, Luger started wrestling. He was considered a physical phenomenon at the time, and quickly worked his way through the Florida territory, defeating Wahoo McDaniel for the Florida Title. He wrestled Ric Flair in Florida for the NWA title, and then went on to World Championship. He started as a face, but then became the Horsemen Protege, and after a few weeks in that position, moved in as a full fledged Horsemen after the group outsted Ole Anderson for missing some matches. After winning the race with fellow Horsemen Arn Anderson to see who would get the US title from Nikita Koloff, Luger was outsted. Luger began running as a face again, and would go on to feud with Barry Windham after he turned on Luger in a tag match to join the Horsemen. 

would fight Flair for the WCW title at Starrcade, but failed to win the belt, even after beating Flair clean with the Torture Rack in a non-title match. Luger's next big chance at superstardom came in the WWF, after joining the fed as a heel called The Narcissist. Luger would come to the ring, and admire his body in a gigantic mirror before and after his matches, but that gimmick finally ended. The powers at be decided to give him a monster face push, by having him wearing red, white, and blue, arriving by Helicopter, and body slam Yokozuna on the USS Independence during a special 4th of July contest. This led to the "All American" monicker, and Luger finally became a major player. After beating Yokozuna by count out, Luger's push began to die, and after his tag partner, the British Bulldog, turned on him and joined Jim Corronette, Luger's push died even further, but things would change for Luger after that. Luger made a huge impact when he showed up at the first ever WCW Monday Nitro at the Mall of American in Minnesota.

After debuting, he took Vader's place at War Games, and then started to go heel, sometimes teaming with Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom, and with Jimmy Hart as a manger. Luger still remained loyal to Sting, despite the fact that Sting's main buddy, the Macho Man, wanted to tear off Luger's head. Luger became a solid face again when the NWO arrived, and Luger was one of the group that took on the group. After Hogan's heel turn, and Sting started the Crow gimmick, Luger became the WCW's head face, and fought the NWO single handidly at times. His biggest moment came on the first 3 hour Nitro in 1997 when he defeated Hogan for the WCW title. He lost the belt a week later at Road Wild. Luger remained a face, and began teaming with Sting sometimes when he showed he was on WCW's side. After Kevin Nash split from the NWO and formed the Wolfpac, Luger came out and helped run out the NWO during the begining of a Nitro, and joined the group, and then brought in Sting. After sitting on the sidelines for a while in the group, he went heel with Nash, and dumped Konnan from the group. 

The Wolfpac rejoined NWO Hollywood. Luger began feuding with former stable mate Konnan and Rey Misterio Jr., but suffered a torn bicep. He's been out, but has been scene on TV with Miss Elizabeth, who is rumored to be his new girlfriend offcamera, and helped Nash against Goldberg at Spring Stampede by giving out a chair shot to Goldberg. He was also scene talking to Ric Flair in the President's office backstage, which has led to rumors he may jump to the Horsemen. After a few months off, Luger came back to confront Sting about his alliance with Hogan. Luger said Hogan was the hummer driver who injured Nash, and Hogan denied it. Luger and Sting came to blows on Nitro, but during Fall Brawl, it was revealed it was all a scheme by Luger and Sting to lure Hogan, and Sting attacked Hogan with the blackball bat, and won the WCW title. The next night, the duo attacked Ric Flair. Luger then hit Bret Hart in the face with the ball bat, injuring him. Luger continued his heel antics, even turning on Sting, when Luger and Elizabeth set him up at Starrcade. Liz cracked him in the head with a ball bat, which cracked his skull, and luger broke his wrist with a chair.

Luger then went on to do mocking interviews of Sting on TV, dressed in make up and all, and wearing a trench coat. Lex Luger had another small feud with Sting and Liz pretended she was with Sting but she turned her back on him.In 2001, Lex Luger teamed up with Buff Bagwell and formed a tag team called "Totally Buffed". WCW was sold to the WWF and McMahon did not show any interest what so ever into bringing Luger to the WWF. In fact Mcmahon said "The Lex Express ran out of gas years ago". That's our answer right there.